Post Show Report Russian Health Care Week 2017

25 / 12 / 2017

The Week is a reputable and large-scale event in the health care industry which is essential for industry experts and of great national importance. The Week introduced the latest achievements in the world health care and identified the most relevant trends and further development in this industry.

Dates: 4-8 December 2017

Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

The Week organized by the Russian State Duma, the Russian Ministry of Health Care, Expocentre AO

The exhibitions organized by Expocentre AO

The Week supported by the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Moscow City Government, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the World Health Organization

MedTravelExpo supported by the Federal Agency for Tourism (RUSSIATOURISM)

Auspices: the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Week sponsored by Marathon Group Investment Company founded by Alexander Vinokurov and Sergey Zakharov. Marathon Pharma features the SIA Group distributor, the Mega Pharm pharmacy chain, Sintez OAO, Biocom ZAO, company share in Bentus Laboratories OOO (Sanitelle brand) and in Fort OOO, under the brand Marathon Sport Sektsia Sports Club, IQ Sports and Marathon-Tula Cycling Team.

General Media Partner:  Who Is Who in Medicine industry magazine

Logos of the exhibitions: UFI, RUEF

Exhibition area: 43,394 sq m

Exhibitors: 996 companies

Russian exhibitors: 664

Total attendance: 27,315 professional visitors

Participating countries: 42

International pavilions: China, Czechia, Germany, South Korea

Group stands organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade (PharmMedProm), manufacturers of Moscow, the Tatarstan Republic, Nizhny Novgorod, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Penza, and Moscow regions.

Participating companies: Amico, Vinar, Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant, Kostromskaya Medtechnika, Kront-M, Tatchempharmpreparaty, Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant, Electron, Kodak, Physiomed, Storz, Smsung, Heinemann, Mindray, Medi, Beka Hospitec, and others.

Week Highlights

Zdravookhraneniye 2017, the 27th International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals;

Healthy Lifestyle 2017, the 11th International Exhibition for Rehabilitation and Preventive Treatment Facilities, Medical Aesthetics, Health Improvement Technologies and Products for Healthy Lifestyle;

MedTravelExpo 2017. Medical Clinics. Health and Spa Resorts International Exhibition. The participants were 107 companies from 14 countries, among them Kurgan Region Centre of Cluster Development, Scandinavian Health Centre, MedSi, Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Centre, Profkurort, Russia Medical Spa Resort (Altai), Zapolarye Sanatorium, Znanie Health Resort, Radon Sanatorium, Lago-Naki Health Resort, leading clinics and health resorts of Austria, Germany, Italy, Georgia, and other countries           

Made in Moscow, showcase of medical products and equipment  made by Moscow manufacturers

PharmMedProm Exhibition and Conference. During the event Triton Electronics (Russia) and Mindray (China) signed a cooperation agreement on launching production of anaesthesiology and intensive care equipment located in Russia, on transfer of technologies to manufacture medical equipment, and on common initiative in preparation and promotion of new projects. There has been signed a cooperation agreement between the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, CITO and Priorov Central Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics of the Russian Ministry of Health Care and a cooperation agreement between TVEL, Rusatom Healthcare and CITO. The event featured round tables and presentations.

Supporting Events

  • 8th International Forum on Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle "For Healthy Life" organized by the Russian State Duma, the Russian Ministry of Health Care and Expocentre AO; supported by the Healthy Future federal project of the United Russia party. The forum key events were moderated by Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Deputy of the Russian State Duma, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Gerasimenko.
  • Round table on Marketing of Lifestyle of Russia's Population;
  • Round table on Development of Inbound Medical Tourism in Russia;
  • Round table on New Approaches to Health Care of Moscow Inhabitants organized by Health Care Department of Moscow and the Russian Medical Society of Preventive Cardiology. The participants discussed reduction of mortality caused by cardio-vascular diseases, their detection at early stages, necessity of health survey and multidisciplinary approach to treatment of children and teenagers, new reserves to improve mental health and prevention of non-communicable diseases in a big city.
  • Round table on Modern Approaches to Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Affected by Coexisting Diseases;
  • Conference on Telemedicine: Challenges and Opportunities. First Aid Procedure Using Tele-Health Technologies. Discussion of Procedure Project;
  • Meeting of the Medical Prevention Commission of the Health Care Expert Council of the Russian Ministry of Health Care;
  • Specialized Commission of Chief Physicians, etc.

"The Forum is important because it brings together not only physicians, researchers and experts but also government officials. Here the participants discuss the most relevant issues devoted to disease prevention and reduction".

Nikolay Gerasimenko, Co-chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee, Deputy of the Russian State Duma, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • 12th International Conference on the Current State and Prospects of Medical Development in High Performance Sport "SportMed 2017";
  • 4th Research and Practice Conference on Medical Support for High Performance Sport within SportMed 2017;
  • Meeting on Development of Manufacture of Medical Products by Defense Industry Enterprises organized by the Interdepartmental Council of the Board of the Russian Military and Industrial Commission;
  • 19th Russian Forum on Circulation of Medical Products in Russia organized by Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company, Expocentre AO;
  • Purchasing Centre of Medical Products was arranged to hold negotiations between suppliers and buyers. About 20 state-run health care providers, private clinics, and pharmacy chains discussed terms of deliveries and other aspects of cooperation.
  • 8th Russian Conference on Non-Governmental Health Care: Current State and Development Prospects 2017 organized by the Association of Private Clinics of Moscow, Central Federal District, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, Opora Rossii, the National Medical Chamber, Expocentre AO
  • 19th Annual Scientific Forum "Dentistry 2017";
  • 5th meeting of the Club of Heads of Trade and Economic Missions of foreign states accredited in Moscow. The meeting was devoted to medical tourism. The participants were Russian and foreign trade representatives, government officials and businessmen. Representatives of Gabon, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Medical Tourism Agencies Association, RusMedTravel and Medica Tour told about opportunities of medical tourism. 


  • Round table on Prospects of Development and Promotion of Health and Spa Resorts of Russia organized by the Russian Ministry of Health Care, the Federal Agency for Tourism (RUSSIATOURISM), the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Spa Association, Expocentre AO
  • Round table on Investing in Health and Spa Resorts of Russia organized by the National Spa Association, the Association of Private Clinics of Moscow and Central Federal District, Opora Rossii, Expocentre AO. Crimean investment opportunities were presented by Advisor to the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Strelbitsky.
  • Round table on Occupational Health. Healthy People Make Healthy Economy. Some Aspects of Health Spa Treatment for Working Population of Russia;
  • Conference on Relevant Issues of Health and Spa Business;
  • Meeting of the members of the National Spa Association;
  • Conference on Improving Investment Attractiveness of Spa Resorts and Medical Centres. Effective Tools to Increase Profits;
  • Session on Best Practices of Developing Outbound and Inbound Medical Tourism Worldwide;
  • Session on Key Growth Points for Medical Tourism Agencies. Experts' Experience;
  • Section on Training Course for Tourist Agencies "Development of Medical Tourism".

More on supporting events please go here.


The Russian Health Care Week was opened with an award ceremony for the winners in the Russian Competition for the Best Project of Public Private Partnership in the Health Care Industry organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Nomination: The best subject of the Russian Federation by level of development of public private partnership (PPP) in the health care industry

Winner: Republic of Tatarstan

Nomination: The best infrastructure project on PPP principles in health care

Winner: project "Building of multidisciplinary hospital in the Samara urban district" (Samara region)

Nomination: The best private health care organization taking part in the implementation of the area program of the government's guarantee of free medical assistance for citizens

Winner: Railway Company Branch Clinical Hospital at Penza Station (Penza Region)

Nomination: The best private organization outsourcing health services

Winner: Akvadez OOO (Republic of Bashkortostan)

Category: The best news agency

Winner: TASS Russian News Agency

Category: The best media covering PPP in the health care industry

Winners: PPP Journal and

Category: The best political and social media 

Winner: Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House

Category: The best journalist in the field of PPP

Winner: Timofei Dobrovolsky

The latest achievements in pharmaceutical and health care companies were awarded by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. General Director of Generium Dmitry Kudlay was conferred the rank of "Honoured Chemist". Sergey Tsyb awarded General Director of the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Viktor Dmitriev, President of the Russian Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products and Equipment Yuri Kalinin.

Certificates of gratitude for contribution to the development of the health care industry were given to Sanofi Russia, Melitta R&D Company, S-Group Corporate Communication Center, R-Pharm, Zdravmedtech (Yekaterinburg), Akrikhin, the Society of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations, Viriom, NPF BIOSS, Dalhimfarm, and Pharm-Sintez.

Participant Feedback

"The Russian Health Care Week is a respected international networking platform of health care workers, pharmacists, researches and government officials. They discuss the issues of physicians' work, equipping of clinics and hospitals with latest technologies most of them are Russian-made. I am positive the Week will result in enhancement of health care management and improvement of health care services".

Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly

"Your traditional meetings are of great interest for Russian and foreign health care professionals and provide a good opportunity to share expertise, present new ideas and promising projects. I am sure the forum participants will carefully consider priorities of the Russian health care industry".

Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

"Over many years, this large-scale event has given a full picture of accomplishments and priorities of the Russian health care and has served as an efficient platform for discussing the current challenges and problems of the medical industry.

I am positive that the Week will help thousands of medical professionals, contribute to the National Program of Health Care Development in the Russian Federation and the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle Priority Project, and improve this nation's life and health".

Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health Care of Russia

"The Week annually showcases achievements and trends in the Russian and world medicine. The event serves as a large-scale congress and exhibition platform in the public health care. The Week will greatly contribute to Russias healthy environment and promote well-being of people.

This year the trade show put on display high tech medical products and equipment, modern pharmaceuticals, and rehabilitation technologies. There were made presentations of advanced projects implemented within Russias National Program on Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry for 2013-2020 as well as other innovative and strategically important solutions of the industry".

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia

"Development of health and spa resorts is one of priorities of modern health care. I am sure the trade show will influence the health and spa sector owing to the proposals developed here for ministries and departments. In the long run it will make health and spa treatment and other related services more available for people with low, middle and high income level".

Alexander Razumov, M.D., Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the National Spa Association

The Russian Health Care Week 2018 is to run on 37 December 2018 at Expocentre Fairgrounds.



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