Press Release Russian Health Care Week 2017

22 / 11 / 2017

The Week is the largest health care project in Russia, which unites a series of international trade shows as well as congresses, forums, conferences, etc. The event participants traditionally consider the most relevant trends in Russian and global health care industry.

The Forum's history goes back to 1974 when the first Zdravookhraneniye (Health Care) exhibition was launched on the initiative of USSR Minister of Health Care, academician Boris Petrovsky. Over time the exhibition has turned into a large research and practice forum - the Russian Health Care Week. This event allows establishing direct contacts with Russian and international manufacturers of medical equipment and products, network with colleagues and find new partners. 

Dates: 4-8 December 2017

Venue: Pavilions No.2, 8 and Forum of Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

The Week organized by the Russian State Duma, Russian Ministry of Health Care, Expocentre AO

The exhibitions organized by Expocentre AO

The Week supported by the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Moscow City Government, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, World Health Organization

MedTravelExpo supported by the Federal Agency for Tourism (RUSSIATOURISM)

Auspices: the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Week sponsored by Marathon Group Investment Company

Logos of the exhibitions: UFI, RUEF

Exhibition area: over 40,000 sq m

Exhibitors: about 900 companies

Participating countries: 34 (Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland,  Turkey, Ukraine, the USA)

International pavilions: China, Czechia, Germany, South Korea

Group stands organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, manufacturers of Moscow, the Tatarstan Republic, Nizhny Novgorod, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Penza, and Moscow regions.

Participating companies: Amico, Vinar, Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant, Kostromskaya Medtechnika, Kront-M, Tatchempharmpreparaty, Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant, Electron, Kodak, Physiomed, Storz, Samsung, Heinemann, Mindray, Medi, Beka Hospitec, BTL, Kurgan Region Centre of Cluster Development, Scandinavian Health Centre, MedSi, Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Centre, Profkurort, Russia Sanatorium (Altay), Zapolarye Sanatorium, Znanie Health Resort, Radon Sanatorium, Lago-Naki Health Resort, leading clinics and health resorts of Austria, Germany, Italy, Georgia, and others.           

Types of products on display at Zdravookhraneniye: medical instrumentation, equipment and diagnostics; new medical technologies; primary health care; laboratory medicine; medical consumables, suture materials, medical clothing, products for patient care and hygiene products; sanitation, disinfection and sterilization equipment; design and facilities for hospitals, physician's rooms, health and spa Centres; medical furniture; high medical technologies; maternal and child health; dentistry, etc.

Types of products on display at Healthy Lifestyle: equipment to ensure accessibility, rehabilitation medicine and equipment; orthopedic supports and devices; medical equipment to traumatology departments and physiotherapy equipment; furniture and equipment for health resorts and rehabilitation centres; sports medicine and gym facilities; personal hygiene products; healthy food technology and products, etc.

The official opening ceremony will be held on December, 4 at 11 a.m. in Conference Hall of Pavilion No.7

"Over many years, this large-scale event has given a full picture of accomplishments and priorities of the Russian health care and has served as an efficient platform for discussing the current challenges and problems of the medical industry".
Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health Care of the Russian Federation

Week Highlights

  • Zdravookhraneniye, the 27th International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals;
  • Healthy Lifestyle, the 11th International Exhibition for Rehabilitation and Preventive Treatment Facilities, Medical Aesthetics, Health Improvement Technologies and Products for Healthy Lifestyle;
  • MedTravelExpo. Medical Clinics. Health and Spa Resorts International Exhibition;
  • Presentation Area of MedTravelExpo features seminars, presentations and masterclasses by lead specialists from international clinics of Austria, Germany, Croatia, and South Korea.
  • Apteka, the 24th Specialized International Exhibition for Pharmaceuticals and Related Products;
  • PharmMedProm Exhibition and Conference;
  • Award Ceremony of the Russian Competition for the Best Project of Public Private Partnership in the Health Care Industry;
  • Health Care Day in Moscow. Leading Moscow manufacturers will show new technologies, equipment and medical products. Government authorities and CEOs will make presentations and share experience with health care professionals from Moscow and other regions.   
  • The Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions Project is aimed at minimizing counterfeit products showcased at exhibitions through providing consultations and clarifications regarding intellectual property, and rendering assistance in solving conflicts connected with violations of exclusive rights (Pavilion No.8, Hall 2, Stand 82A90).

"MedTravelExpo is a unique platform to network with fellow industry professionals and to receive comprehensive information about the latest trends and technologies for treatment, rehabilitation, balneology, resort business and tourism".
Aleksandr Ivanov, General Director, Profkurort Health and Spa Resort AO

Supporting Events

  • 8th International Forum on Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle "For Healthy Life";
    • Round table on Marketing of Lifestyle of Russia's Population;
    • Round table on Development of Inbound Medical Tourism in Russia;
    • Meeting of the Medical Prevention Commission of the Health Care Expert Council of the Russian Ministry of Health Care;
    • Specialized Commission of Chief Physicians;
    • Round table on New Approaches to Health Care of Moscow Inhabitants;
    • Round table on Modern Approaches to Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Affected by Coexisting Diseases;
    • Conference on Telemedicine and Health Care Computerization: New Challenges and Opportunities;

  • Congress on Health and Spa Resorts of Russia: Current State and Prospects:

    • Educational seminar on Investing in Health and Spa Resorts;
    • Session on Best Practices of Developing Outbound and Inbound Medical Tourism Worldwide;
    • Session on Key Growth Points for Medical Tourism Agencies. Experts' Experience;
    • Round table on Prospects of Development and Promotion of Health and Spa Resorts of Russia;
    • Round table on Occupational Health. Healthy People Make Healthy Economy. Some Aspects of Health Spa Treatment for Working Population of Russia;
    • Conference on Relevant Issues of Health and Spa Business;
    • Conference on Improving Investment Attractiveness of Spa Resorts and Medical Centres. Effective Tools to Increase Profits;
    • HR Forum on Health Care Management;
    • Conference on Digital Age. Application of Advanced Advertising Technologies to Attract New Customers and Increase Business Performance. Case studies for Spa Resorts and Medical Centres;
    • Presentation of programs, professional advice of specialists from the Russian Research Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and Spa Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health Care;
  • 19th Annual Scientific Forum "Dentistry 2017";
  • 8th Russian Conference on Non-Governmental Health Care: Current State and Development Prospects 2017;
  • Round table on Drug Abuse Treatment Services Today: New Trends;
  • Presentation of Cuban Pharmaceutical Industry in Russia;
  • Academic seminar from lead specialists of Vivantes International Medicine (Germany) supported by M.E.V. - Berlin;
  • 5th meeting of the Club of Heads of Trade and Economic Missions of foreign states accredited in Moscow;
  • 12th International Conference on the Current State and Prospects of Medical Development in High Performance Sport "SportMed 2017";
  • Within the Russia-Greece Cross Year of Tourism - B2B workshop and presentation of medical centres and services of Greece "Hippocrates invites you!";
  • 19th Russian Forum on Circulation of Medical Products in Russia;
  • 3rd Russian Conference on Burning Issues of Medical Centres;
  • Section on Training Course for Tourist Agencies "Development of Medical Tourism".

More on supporting events please go here.

The trade shows will be open from 10.00 to 18.00; on December, 8 from 10.00 to 16.00.


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