Major Development Trends in Medical Technology for Paediatrics

08 / 12 / 2022

This was the name of the conference held within INCLUSION-EXPO International Forum: Rehabilitation. Accessible Environment. Assistive Technologies and Russian Health Care Week 2022 at Expocentre Fairgrounds today. 

Opening the conference, its moderator Elena Aksenova, Director of the Research Institute of Health Care and Medical Management of the Moscow City Department of Health Care, noted that Russian Health Care Week is one of the key events of the action plan of the Decade of Science and Technology since this year. Therefore, the health care system will be viewed through the prism of science and new technologies in almost all instances, she said. 

And rehabilitation as one of the areas of the health care system is developing very actively, new technological solutions and new methods are appearing. Rehabilitation becomes particularly important at a time of total population ageing, declining demographics and pandemics, Elena Aksenova stressed. She cited WHO data, according to which, about 190 million people in the world today have disabilities and functional problems. When it comes to children's rehabilitation, there are more and more children with functioning problems who require additional intervention by medical professionals. 

In her welcoming speech to the participants of the conference, Tatiana Batysheva, Head External Expert in Paediatric Medical Rehabilitation in the Russian Ministry of Health Care, Director of the Research and Practical Centre of Paediatric Psyconeurology of the Moscow City Department of Health Care, wished her colleagues to discuss the most important problems and define further development of child rehabilitation, its new directions. 

During the conference, there was an expert discussion on modern technologies, trends, interdisciplinary approaches and problems in medical rehabilitation, as well as possible solutions in terms of child rehabilitation. 

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