How to run a medical organisation

09 / 12 / 2021

The conference programme of Russian Health Care Week 2021 continued with events where medical professionals and representatives of related professions discussed the problems and achievements of modern medicine. 

The Russian Conference on Private Health Care: the Evolution, organised by the National Association of Non-Governmental Medical Organisations (NANMO), the Association of Private Clinics of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, the OPORA RUSSIA Non-Government Association, started with a session Reform of the Russian health system: prospects of private health care.

The moderator of the session, Alexander Grot, Vice-President on Health Care of OPORA RUSSIA, introducing the participants, outlined the vector of the forthcoming discussion, in which representatives of insurance organisations are involved in addition to medical professionals.

In his opening remarks, Ilya Shilkrot, Chairman of NANMO, remarked that sooner or later the environment will pass, while public and private medicine will remain. Both will have to work in post-covid conditions, which we should prepare for today.

Alexander Solonin, Director General of the Association of Private Clinics of St. Petersburg and North-West, made a report on the advantages of private medicine and the problems of Russian health care in the opinion of the population. Outlining the importance of private medicine, he reported on the annual turnover of private clinics in St. Petersburg alone of 32 billion rubles.

The conference continued in three sections - "Best practice: attracting and retaining patients", "Digitalisation of healthcare: opportunities and challenges for the non-governmental sector" and "Med marketing 2022" - where analysis of the best cases of the past year was presented and the latest information solutions to be implemented in 2022 were presented.

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The Conference on How to Run a Modern Clinic Efficiently, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership with the Association of Managers of Health Care and Medical Business School, gave clear recommendations for action from expert practitioners on managing and promoting medical businesses. The conference was attended by owners, heads and managers of medical centres, health resorts, cosmetology and dental clinics, as well as marketers and analysts who recognise the relevance and need for new approaches to managing a clinic, attracting and retaining patients in order to improve its performance.

The Forum on Pharmacy 4.0: Innovations, Technology, Strategy for the Future is organised by EXPOCENTRE AO together with Boris Agatov, an independent expert in retail innovation.

Boris Agatov believes that the meaning of the 4.0 concept is filled with technological solutions that make life easier, more convenient and profitable for the consumer. And these technologies make life easier for the retailer in the same way: they increase efficiency, provide new tools for interaction with the customer, and generate revenue. 

The main sections of the forum were: Section on the New Realities of E-commerce in the Pharmaceutical Market. Pharmacy 4.0, Section on Pharmacies 4.0: Technology for a New Customer Experience in Retail Pharmacy. Marketing with New Technologies, Section on HR in Pharmacy 4.0. Temporary Staff Instead of Permanent Staff. Uberisation of Blue-Collar Workers. How to Solve the Problem of Staff Shortages in Retail. Challenges and New Practices in Staff Training, Section on How to Adapt to the New Online Buying Behaviour. Best Practices. Manufacturers' Direct-to-Consumer Outreach. New Buyer Experience in Different Channels. Shaping a New Strategy.

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