Moscow health care system transformation caused by the pandemic

08 / 12 / 2021

Transformation of the health care system in the interests of the individual was the title of the plenary session of the Scientific and Methodological Forum for Health Care Managers: the Post-Pandemic: New Vectors for Health Care Development and Health held at Expocentre Fairgrounds from 7 to 9 December as part of Russian Health Care Week.

The forum is organised by the Moscow City Department of Health Care, the Research Institute of Health Care and Medical Management in partnership with EXPOCENTRE AO.

As noted by the moderator, Elena Aksenova, Director of the Research Institute of Health Care and Medical Management, experts at all platforms of Russian Health Care Week 2021 say that the health care system is changing. It is becoming human-centred. And this means that approaches to the organisation of medical care are also changing, said the moderator.  

The foresight session was attended by leading experts in Moscow's health care sector. They substantively discussed and tried to answer many questions that concern the medical community today: what innovations that emerged during the pandemic have already been integrated into health care and will continue to develop, how the basic principles of medical care have changed, how to communicate effectively with the population in the context of Covid-19, whether the population's attitude to their own health is changing, and others. 

During the forum discussions, it was noted that Moscow's health care system has undergone significant changes in recent years. The transformation has been driven by the need for a major economy-wide response to the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection Covid-19. Health experts, however, stress that resilience of the health system and crisis resilience in a pandemic is possible through new knowledge and digital technologies. 

In 2021, the scientific and methodological foundations for transformation of the health care system in Moscow are in place in line with the new realities. The evidence-based principle of medicine is coming to the fore. Total transition to big data analysis and new digital solutions help doctors to develop and methodologically describe the most effective schemes of diagnosis and treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, to implement new principles of patient routing, both within the clinic and as a whole - in the metropolis. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO