Preparations for Young Medicine forum underway

07 / 10 / 2021

The organising committee of the Young Medicine interdisciplinary forum, which will be held as part of Russian Healthcare Week on December 7, has met at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. The forum is organised by the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies, and EXPOCENTRE AO is the event partner.

The meeting was attended by Chief of Staff of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy and Healthcare M.V. Astakhova, Director of the Moscow Healthcare Departments Research Institute for Healthcare and Medical Management, Dr. of Economics, Prof. Ye. I. Aksyonova, Deputy Chairman for Substitution of Imports, Localization and International Cooperation of the Russian Public Council for Medical Industry, General Director of the Association of Defense Enterprises Manufacturers of Medical Goods and Equipment A.Yu. Smirnov, Advisor to the General Director of the Russian Health Ministrys Center for Healthcare Quality Assessment and Control S. D. Tsaturyan, Prof. of the Sechenov University Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology K.P. Bakhtiyarov, head of the Sechenov University Clinical Hospitals Medical Rehabilitation Department, member of the Expert Board of the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies K.S. Ternovoi, Director of the Lomonosov Moscow State Universitys Medical Research and Education Center, Chair of the Urology and Andrology Faculty at the Lomonosov Moscow State Universitys Department of Fundamental Medicine, Prof., Dr. of Medicine, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.A. Kamalov, head of the Biotechnology and Transfusion Department of the Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine N.V. Borovkova, Academic Secretary of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Educations Scientific Council, Dr. of Medicine, Assistant Prof. T.A. Chebotaryova, Development Director of the Skolkovo Biomedical Cluster V.S. Melikhova, SberZdorovye Medical Director Ali V. Mohamed, Editor of the Who is Who in Medicine federal specialized journal D.G. Nefyodov, and other experts.

As she opened the meeting, Yelena Kolotilo, director of the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies, said that Russia had always been famous for talented scientists and now science had become a top national priority for the first time. A national project was launched to support and develop medicine, which is due to make Russia one of the worlds top five leaders in priority areas, reduce the emigration of scientists, and increase the popularity of scientific research by 2024. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order on December 25, 2020, to declare 2021 the Year of Science and Technology in Russia that would help make a technological breakthrough and give strong federal support to the research sector.

We should use the chance, our Year, which the Russian scientific community has been waiting for, to the fullest extent, Kolotilo said.

Being aware of the strategic significance of recruitment of talented young people into the science and technology sector, the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies, working together with EXPOCENTRE, with the academic support from the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, has decided to organise the Young Medicine interdisciplinary forum aimed to support young scientists and to familiarize medical students, post-grads and young researchers with innovative medical products and breakthroughs, in particular, at exhibitions of Russian Healthcare Week, she said.

 The forum motto is Preserving Glorious Traditions of the Past to Build Worthy Future of Russian Medicine through the Confident Present.

EXPOCENTRE Director General, co-chair of the forum organising committee Alexey Vyalkin said that practically all EXPOCENTRE exhibitions demonstrate and popularise the latest scientific and technological products, innovative technologies and ideas. Therefore, the exhibition activity aimed to promote Russian science and achievements in a variety of spheres is directly related to the Year of Science and Technology.

The plan of events of the Year of Science and Technology 2021, which has been approved by the Russian government, includes three large-scale conventions and exhibitions of EXPOCENTRE, namely, Russian Healthcare Week, Russian Week of High Technologies, and Russian Industry Week, each of which combines a series of industry exhibitions with the overall turnout of thousands of industry professionals.

EXPOCENTRE has always served as a springboard for talented youths. This is our mission. Medical students always attend Russian Healthcare Week events. We are extremely grateful to the rectors of higher educational establishments who understand the importance of familiarizing future doctors with the latest achievements and medical equipment displayed at our shows and provide this opportunity to their students. This is why, Young Medicine, a project supporting talented Russian students, has a high significance to us, Vyalkin said.

Greetings from the co-chair of the forum organising committee, President of the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies Ye.A. Dibrova were read out at the meeting.

EXOPCENTRE First Deputy General Director Sergey Selivanov made a presentation of the Russian Healthcare Week international scientific and practical forum to be held on December 6-10 this year.

The forum began with the Zdravookhraneniye exhibition founded in 1974, Selivanov said. This is one of the oldest medical forums in Europe. Our academicians joke that they remember Russian Healthcare Week since their school days.

The primary objective of the forum and international exhibitions Zdravookhraneniye, Healthy Lifestyle, and MedTravelExpo: Medical Clinics, Health and Spa Resorts is to assist in the implementation of the national projects Healthcare, Demography and Tourism and Hospitality Industry, and the federal project Exports of Medical Services, as well as to sum up results of the Year of Science and Technology in Medicine.

More than a hundred major events will constitute the core of the forums business and scientific and practical program this year. The Young Medicine forum will be an integral part of the Weeks business program.

The purpose of the Young Medicine interdisciplinary forum is to support the talented youth, future doctors and scientists, who have yet to unlock their potential. The synergy with Russian Healthcare Week orients the forum at encouraging medical students and young scientists, developing mentorships, creating worthy jobs for young specialists in leading Russian companies, and familiarizing students with innovative products and new equipment they will be using upon graduation.

The forum will have sections with the themes Medical Science: Modern Solutions, Medical Innovations Today, Applied Medicine: View from the Future to the Present, and Digital Technologies for Specialists. The biomedical module with the theme Polypeptide Therapy: New Opportunities for Russia will serve as a strategic clinical research platform.

There will be a contest of student essays within the framework of the Young Medicine forum on October 1-30, 2021. SberZdorovye and SberMedII are partners of the project. One of the awards will be presented by the Filatov Foundation.

The grand prize is 100,000 rubles, while the other prizes amount to 50,000 rubles. The essays will be published in a collection of scientific and creative works as part of the Russian Science Citation Index.

Meeting participants lauded preparations for the forum and the contest of student essays.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO