A meeting of Commission of Ministry of Health Care for Occupational Pathology was held within Russian Health Care Week

09 / 12 / 2020

Oleg Salagai, Deputy Minister of Health Care of the Russian Federation, addressed the meeting of the Commission of the Russian Ministry of Health Care for Occupational Pathology with opening remarks.

In the context of the pandemic, health care workers are the largest occupational risk group. The meeting considered the issues of expert examination of the coronavirus infection cases among medical workers, the state of the regulatory framework in occupational pathology, the procedures for providing medical care for various occupational diseases and organisational issues of the occupational pathology service.

The meeting was attended by Igor Bukhtiyarov, Chief Non-Staff Occupational Pathologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, and occupational pathologists from all federal districts of Russia.

Russian Health Care Week programme of online events: https://www.zdravo-expo.ru/ru/events/

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