Would-be clinic owners take part in an online seminar

09 / 12 / 2020

For those who are just about to open their own medical centre, dental or cosmetics clinic, the online seminar "How to open a clinic from scratch. 24 steps to opening your own clinic" was held. The event was part of the online business programme of Russian Health Care Week. The seminar was organised by the Medical Business School with the support of EXPOCENTRE AO.

The author and moderator of the workshop was Anna Solomakhina, founder and CEO of the School of Medical Business. In her opinion, one should start a medical services business by defining the main concept of the clinic: "In doing so, it is important to consider the ratio of specialists who generate the main and additional revenues of the clinic, forming a complete cycle. If you're not sure if the concept is right, it's better to seek advice from specialists.

The speaker explained how to accurately determine the space required for the clinic: "When calculating space, you should be guided by the current requirements of the territorial authorities and always keep in mind the space for additional offices: head doctor, head nurse, staff room, waste room, reception area, cloakroom, corridors, toilets, storage area".

The next steps on the way to opening your own clinic are a cost plan for the equipment and the selection of premises for the private clinic. "It is important to remember that a medical licence is issued for specific premises. Therefore, the longer the lease term, the better for the centre," said Anna Solomakhina.

Choosing a name and creating a brand for the clinic is important. "The task of the brand is to reflect the essence of the clinic's activities. Walking past your clinic, clients should immediately understand what you do and what problems they can come to you with," the speaker emphasised. She told how to register a business, how to arrange rented premises, how to prepare for clinic licensing, how to create a system of staff motivation and a price list of medical services, what documents are necessary to obtain a license.

To open a clinic from scratch, you need to buy equipment, choose a medical information system, form a staffing schedule, clinic hours and much more.

Anna Solomakhina concluded: "Hire staff according to the needs of the clinic; when selecting staff, make clear requirements for the set of manipulation and communication skills that each specialist must possess.

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