How to promote medical organisation on the Internet

09 / 12 / 2020

As part of the Russian Health Care Week 2020 online programme a webinar on "Comprehensive Internet Marketing for Medical Organisations. How to promote effectively" was held.

Anna Kilimnichenko, Head of the OLYMPX advertising agency, touched on the main problems faced by medical clinics in the realities of 2020, and also reflected on where the medical services market is heading.

Using the example of a dental clinic, webinar participants learned how a medical organisation can position itself to maintain profits and increase financial flows through Internet marketing.

Key steps to achieve results:

  • Expanding the target audience, launching new services to existing audience groups;

  • Expansion/changing of traffic channels (current trends);

  • Optimization of work with the base;

  • Coordination of the work of internet marketing and clinic specialists.

The webinar also discussed the significance of legal aspects of medical topics promotion on various Internet platforms for the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and compliance with Russian laws and regulations on the design of medical services websites.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO