Russian Health Care Week 2020: design engineers shared their experience in the construction and operation of medical buildings

09 / 12 / 2020

The non-profit partnership Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermophysics (NP AVOK) and the Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) with support from Expocentre held an online conference 'Engineering Systems in Medical Organisations to Combat COVID-19'. 

The event was held within the Russian Health Care Week 2020 online programme. 

Evgeny Bolotov, Chairman of AVOK Committee on Historic and Museum Buildings, Director General of Vac Engineering OOO, spoke about management of air regime in medical buildings and limitation of spread of hospital-acquired infection. 

He noted, in particular, that today's health care facilities (HCF) are multi-functional public buildings, usually multi-storey with a large area. And one of the serious problems faced by the designer is related to limiting the spread of nosocomial infections. Statistically, 60-80% of hospital-acquired infections are spread by disorganised air movement. One reason is the mechanical imbalance of ventilation systems. Therefore, engineering systems must be provided in the design and construction to control the airflow.

Anna Borisoglebskaya, chair of the AVOK Committee on Preventive Healthcare Institutions and professor at the Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), focused her colleagues' attention on the current National State Standards used in the design of engineering systems for infectious diseases hospitals. She also gave examples of recommendations from NP AVOK which apply to the design of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply engineering systems in newly constructed and renovated buildings of hospitals. The recommendations contain requirements for the organisation of air exchange in hospital rooms, methods of management and operation of engineering systems. 

Mikhail Budinov, Technical Director of "NPT Klimatika", made a presentation on effective technologies of ultraviolet air disinfection in medical institutions. Timur Zharkov, Technical Director of Uponor Rus, a member of AVOK Committee for Medical and Preventive Treatment Institutions, shared his experience in applying engineering solutions to ensure high standards of hygiene, comfort and energy efficiency of heating, cooling and water supply systems in medical organisations. 

The conference also attracted a great deal of interest, with other presentations offering expert advice of practical relevance to design engineers and technical service specialists in the design, construction and operation of healthcare buildings. 

Russian Health Care Week programme of online events:   

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