Export of medical services was discussed during events of Russian Health Care Week

08 / 12 / 2020

Russian Health Care Week 2020 featured the 2nd National Congress on the Export of Medical Services. It was organised by the Russian Ministry of Health Care, the Coordinating Centre on Implementing the Federal Project on the Development of Export of Medical Services, and the National Council for Medical Tourism.

The congress has summed up the results of the Federal Project on the Development of Export of Medical Services.

The participants in the panel on Export of Medical Services: Global Challenges discussed the pandemic-related roadblocks to implementation of the federal project. This year the medical tourism had to face closed borders, luck of foreign patients related to the workload in medical facilities due to Covid-19, and impossibility to organise and take part in trade shows and other international events.

At the same time, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Public Relations of the Russian Ministry of Health Care Andrey Gayderov opened the meeting to say that the number of foreign citizen who had received medical services in Russia in 2020 was quite large.

To boost the industrys development in the current conditions, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between various government departments, eliminate barriers in obtaining visas for medical purposes, use the time of the pandemic to prepare necessary regulatory documents, strengthen expert work, and implement a system of quality management and safety of medical activities.

The participants in the plenary session included Member of the Russian Council of the Federation Vladimir Krugly, Director of the Federal Center of Otorhinolaryngology, Member of the Russian Civic Chamber Nikolay Daikhes, Director General of the National Medical Research Radiological Center of the Russian Ministry of Health Care, Head External Oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health Care Andrey Kaprin, and other experts.

The second part of the Congress was devoted to the export of medical services in different regions of Russia. The topic of attracting foreign patients to Russian medical institutions was discussed among representatives of all interested organisations and departments, including regional ones.

The Congress wrapped up with the First Research Conference in Memory of Igor Lanskoy: Export of Medical Services: Problems and Quality. Advisor to the Russian Health Care Minister (20132017) Igor Lanskoy was the one who launched the Federal Project on the Development of Export of Medical Services. Mr. Lanskoy and his colleagues collected and analyzed information about foreign citizens undergoing treatment in Russian medical institutions. In 2016, his idea for a special project to develop medical tourism was first voiced at the highest level.

Watch the live recording of the events (Russian only): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpUAdwXtmBA&feature=youtu.be

The full event schedule of Russian Health Care Week (all events are held online, Russian only): https://www.zdravo-expo.ru/ru/events/  

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