Professionals considered medical institutions issues

07 / 12 / 2020

Within the online accompanying programme of Russian Health Care Week 2020, the 6th Russian Conference on Relevant Issues Facing Modern Health Care Institutions took place. It was organised by the Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company and EXPOCENTRE AO.

Experts believe that private medical organisations are 2.5 times more effective in the compulsory health insurance system than public organisations. However, federal budget funds are more willing to be transferred to the non-profit sector, although private organisations are ready for new obligations and pressures. In view of these opportunities, clinic managers are asking the following questions: what are the conditions and pitfalls of public-private partnerships, how to protect their doctors and patients in a pandemic, and finally, is the game worth the candle in terms of return on investment and financial sustainability for the clinic? These questions were answered by medical theorists and practitioners at the conference.

A large section of the conference was devoted to digital technologies in medical practice. This is particularly relevant today, when many professional events are held in an online format. However, new problems often arise at the level of innovation implementation. Examples of this can be seen in the daily processes of the clinic: the inconvenience of automating document flow and communication between "doctor-doctor" and "doctor-patient". The introduction of digital technologies in medicine is particularly worrying with regard to the safety and security of medical data. Networks that are fully protected from outside interference are needed.

The final block of speeches at the conference was devoted to medical marketing. Every month 3-5 seminars and conferences on this topic are held in Russia. However, the problem of marketing tactics remains acute, especially due to a drop in income and the "washing out" of the middle segment. It turns out that the market is either "tired" of the endless flow of the same type of information, or this information simply does not help it. Marketers specialising in the medical sector tried to find a way out.

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