Expocentr works in normal mode

24 / 03 / 2020

Dear partners and friends,

We all have to come together during this difficult time.

We believe that it is also the time for opportunities and the time to draw on our inner strength. It is the time when our simple human qualities are going to be tested honesty, compassion, and readiness to help those around us and share the best of what we have.

Our experience, knowledge and synergy of our efforts will help us to navigate through this turbulent time.

We sympathise with and support all our colleagues who had to reschedule their events for the safety of all participants and visitors.

We, as the organisers of Russian Health Care Week, can say that health has always been and will always be our priority.

We admire our doctors. We know that you are the best. We believe in you and trust you. You will succeed!

We are looking forward to seeing you at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds in December. We are positive that we will not have to reschedule our events because we know that together we will overcome all difficulties.

We will keep living up to the slogan of our company and will not only demonstrate the future of the worlds and Russian medical and health care industry but will also recall how we have joined our efforts to overcome the hardships. This experience will make us even stronger.

We are ready to discuss an event programme of Russian Health Care Week to make it even more efficient and benefic