SportMed 2019: creation of the worlds best sports medicine in Russia is an achievable goal

05 / 12 / 2019

The 14th edition of the International Scientific Conference on the Current State and Development Prospects of the Elite Sports Medicine SportMed 2019 was held at Russian Health Care Week 2019.

The conference was organised by the Russian Ministry of Health Care, the Russian Ministry of Sport, the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, the Russian Association of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Patients and Invalids (RASMIRBI), Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, the Russian Association for Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation of Patients and the Disabled, the Federal Research and Clinical Center of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Russias FMBA, and Expocentre AO.

As the organisers say, the conference level is rising. This year the participants have come from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and other countries.

SportMed 2019 traditionally opened with an extended meeting of the Work Group on Development of Sport Medicine of the Presidential Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport. It was held by Head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency Vladimir Uiba. He pointed out that 2019 was a significant year for sports medicine.

The achievement of high sports performance should be linked with creation of the worlds best sports medicine system in Russia, believes the Head of the Department of Presidential Directorate for Supporting Activities of the State Council of the Russian Federation Sergey Nikitin.

The meeting participants summed up the results of the Work Group and identified the promising areas of development of sports medicine for 2020. SportMed 2019 also featured working meetings of industry commission on sports medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health Care and heads of the medical and physical education service of Russia.

A comprehensive conference programme included events devoted to health care of national team athletes of Russia and Russian regions and their immediate reserve, prevention of athletes injuries and illnesses, physiological support and sports food, athletes rehabilitation, anti-doping in modern sport, and many relevant topics.

Specialists were very interested in massage workshops, seminar of RUSADA Russian Anti-doping Agency, RASMIRBI section on Kinesio Taping, and other events held within SportMed 2019.

Press Service, Expocentre AO