MedTravelExpo 2018. Summarizing

13 / 12 / 2018

MedTravelExpo 2018 has come to an end. One of its co-organisers and partners was the MedicaTour company. Summing up the joint work of MedicaTour and Expocentre, we can safely say that this year’s edition of the exhibition turned out to be bigger than the previous one as there were twice as many participants. The business related events were attended by many well-known experts and speakers from around the world. These events turned out to be more intense, interesting and useful than a year ago. MedTravelFest, which was held as part of the exhibition for the first time, also generated a great interest among the visitors.

Our exhibitors are very satisfied with the results and are going to come back to MedTravelExpo 2019. Here is some feedback from them.

1) Elena Polovnikova, International Lumbago Clinic, Japan
“This year we’ve taken part in MedTravelExpo for the first time. In general, the exhibition went very well. There were patients with low back pain. There were representatives of agencies and medical institutions who are considering cooperation with our clinic. We hope that participation in the exhibition will help us to carry out cooperation projects and bring the quality of our clinic’s services to a new, higher level.”

2) Kirill Chernichka, Myasnikov Cardiology Research Center
“It’s only the second edition of MedTravelExpo but it has already become an important event in the field of medical and health tourism.
For me, MedTravelExpo is first of all an effective platform that brings together main players in the medical tourism market of Russia and other countries.
This year's participation in the exhibition turned out to be very interesting and effective. We were able to present our clinic and innovative technologies that were in demand among the exhibitors, learn how to develop medical tourism from leading Russian, European and Asian clinics, which also had their stands at the exhibition, and discuss cooperation opportunities with medical tourism agencies and other companies including some health resorts.
I am sure that participation in MedTravelExpo 2018 will lead to fruitful cooperation with new companies, signing of new contracts, and growth of medical tourism in Russia.
I especially want to mention the business related programme of the exhibition, which this year covered all main issues and ways to develop medical tourism in Russia. I would also like to thank the organisers of the conference for an opportunity to share their experience in this area and discuss it with Russian and foreign experts.”

3) Anna Perova, First Clinical Medical Center
“We have attended MedTravelExpo for the second time, but this time as participants. It was important for us to convey that high-tech treatment and quality assistance can be obtained not only in Moscow. We were not mistaken to choose this exhibition. Over four days, we managed to meet many potential patients and establish contacts with future partners. I would like to say thank you to the organisers.”

We have many new interesting ideas for the next year. We will try to implement all of them. In particular, we plan to launch the Hosted Buyers programme for foreign medical tourism agencies. This programme is successfully practiced at international exhibitions and conferences around the world. We will also introduce the format of B2B meetings for clinics and medical tourism agencies.