Export of medical services. Report of TV channel "Russia 24" with the participation of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Skvortsova V. I., CEO of MedicaTour Ltd. Sokolov T. Yu. and with the leading Russian clinics

17 / 08 / 2018

Export of medical services is a very urgent topic for the Russian Federation. However, in order to bring this trend to the top level - it is needed to do a very great job.

The program of TV channel Russia 24 made a 20-minute report about the leading medical centers in Russia, which included interviews with the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Skvortsova V. I., CEO of one of the leading medical tourism companies MedicaTour Ltd. Sokolov T.Yu., as well as with several foreign patients treated in Russian clinics.

Tatiana Sokolov, CEO of MedicaTour: "Our company is seriously developing the reception of foreign patients for treatment in Russia, understanding that in our country we have a great potential for the development of this direction. Requests come from all over the world. The most popular areas are: ophthalmology, IVF, plastic surgery.

For the second year our company is the official partner of the exhibition MedTravelExpo, which takes place within the framework of the Russian Health Care Week and the main task of which is to unite all potential participants of the medical tourism market and help further development of the export of medical services in Russia."

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