The company MedicaTour with business visit in Hessen region in Germany

27 / 07 / 2018

The management of one of the leading medical tourism companies MedicaTour Ltd. from 18 to 21.07.2018 visited Germany, the Hessen region, with a business visit at the invitation of Frankfurt Tourism Board. The trip was very productive. Several important meetings were held and several Agreements were concluded with German clinics and resorts, future participants of MedTravelExpo - 2018.

In the Rhein-Main region, special attention is paid to health and medicine. That is why currently in the health sector in Frankfurt and the entire region employs 345,000 people.

During the visit, the management of MedicaTour met and negotiated with the head of the Medical Network Hessen, during which the points of cooperation for future cooperation were identified, the main of which is special lower prices for treatment for Russian citizens and CIS citizens who will be treated in this region of Germany.

MedicaTour also signed a contract with a large pharmacy in Frankfurt am Main for the supply of any medications from Germany at state prices.

During the visit to the famous thermal spa in Germany, Wiesbaden, the company's management met with the head of the association of spa resorts in the Hessen region, Mrs. Almut Boller. As a result of the negotiations, an Agreement on Cooperation and Promotion of new German thermal resorts and spas that are not yet known in Russia and the CIS was also concluded.

As part of the business trip, the management of MedicaTour also visited well-known German resort Bad Homburg and concluded a cooperation agreement with famous rehabilitation clinic of Dr. Baumstark. The clinic specializes in rehabilitation, postoperative treatment and prevention in the field of orthopedics and internal medicine.

Here you can pass the diagnostic program: basic - 2 days and extended - 3 days.

The clinic is practiced by the famous doctor Heiko Münker - specialist in orthopedics, physical and rehabilitation medicine, chirotherapy, sports medicine and traumatology, special pain therapy.

The company MedicaTour now has even more clinics-partners from Germany with their unique methods of treatment and innovations, with their highly professional doctors and the most modern medical equipment.

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