12 / 03 / 2018

Visit by Management of MedicaTour Ltd. of Terme Resort Sveti Martin and the unique IQCure clinic in Croatia

Management of MedicaTour Ltd. visited Terme Resort Sveti Martin and the unique IQCure clinic that company MedicaTour will represent on the Russian and CIS markets. Also IQCure clinic was a participant of MedTravelExpo-2017.

CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov tells:

"I fell in love with the thermal waters of this resort. There are several pools with thermal water of different temperatures and an outdoor pool on the street. The composition of the water is unique: Li (lithium-antistress), I (iodine-thyroid), Sr (strontium-bones), K (potassium-acid-base balance), F (fluorine-osteoporosis), Na (sodium-arthritis). The water is so pleasant that I did not want to get out of the pools.

We stayed at the 4* hotel Golfer. The hotel is beautiful, clean, decorated very stylish. In this hotel there is a unique IQCure clinic where you can undergo an unusual diagnosis of the body using a scanner that is created using the latest technologies of leading scanners used in prevention and rehabilitation programs based on the principles of quantum physics, medical technologies and databases. The device scans your body, presenting you with a clear picture of your mental and physical health.

The concept of the clinic is as follows: Your body is examined for the amount of energy in your body. If you have a lot of energy, then you are healthy, and if you have low energy potential, then it is a signal to take measures so that you do not get sick in the future. The clinic also offers unique procedures for replenishing the missing energy, relaxation and detoxification of the body. All the equipment of the clinic is reminiscent of space instruments and it is no coincidence because engineers from Germany, Austria and Russia, who develop space equipment, participated in their development. The chief doctor of the clinic, Dr. Damir Stajkar, after analyzing the diagnosis of your body will tell you what you need to watch out for in the future and what measures to take to not get sick.

I was fortunate enough to experience the diagnosis with a scanner and go through 2 magic procedures: Holistic Cocooning and Health Booster. Holistic Cocooning are wraps from substances useful for your body, as well as color, sound, and aromatherapy.

Health Booster removes toxins from the body, which remain in the electrolyte solution. At this point, you also wear an oxygen mask, enriching your body with oxygen.

The conclusion is that all of us, especially business people, need to go to recharge your body to Dr. Damir in the amazing place of St. Martin and the IQCure clinic and after that we will be filled with harmony and live happily ever after)))."

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