Feedback from exhibitors and visitors to Russian Health Care Week 2021

10 / 12 / 2021

Vladimir Kononov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education:

Russian Health Care Week is a large-scale congress and exhibition event which has been taking place for a long time. Thank you for the invitation to participate in the opening ceremony as Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Science and Higher Education and Chairman of the Organising Committee of NTI Expo, which is a joint project of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our committee, EXPOCENTRE AO and a number of federal ministries and departments.

It showcases breakthrough technologies in the field of medicine and health care. 700 exhibitors (of the Weeks exhibitions) will find partners, sign contracts and develop further. The Week takes place in the Year of Science and Technology. I hope that the development of science and technology will not end with this year. And the topic of developing new technologies, scientific discoveries and their introduction into our lives is an ongoing, open-ended proces.

Inna Svyatenko, Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy:

Everyone is well aware that due to the spread of coronavirus infection, we need breakthrough technologies. What we need now is a revolution in this respect. This is why we have seen world-renowned scientists at the Week, as well as a huge number of young medics who are ready to offer their projects and everything that can give a positive result. These forums are not only a good platform for the exchange of experience and discussions, but also for the announcement of new breakthrough technologies.

Leonid Ogul, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection:

- I would like to thank the management of EXPOCENTRE AO. This is not the first time this venue has been so significant. Today there is a session dedicated to innovative technologies in health care. Leading experts from the Ministry of Health Care and the Ministry of Industry and Trade gathered here. And most importantly: this platform gives us certain results in the form of already implemented bills, which help specific people. The problems of our electorate are heard on this platform.

Tatiana Batysheva,  Member of the Moscow City Duma, Director of the Moscow Health Care Departments Children's Psycho-neurology Center:

Traditionally, Moscow hosts Russian Health Care Week. The Week brings together our colleagues, representatives of small, medium and large businesses that do business in medicine. We see the most advanced technologies being used not only in medical science, but also in practice.

I would like to thank everyone involved in creating rehabilitation technologies for our little ones. New technologies and new approaches are very important to us. After all, our children are the most precious thing we have. Today we are learning more and more about how coronavirus infection affects the body of a young person. We need to be fully equipped to restore our baby's functions. The Week platform is generating the most interest. For a whole week, we will be discussing all the latest developments in our medicine.

Vitaly Omelyanovskiy, Director General of the Center for Health Care Quality Assessment and Control of the Russian Ministry of Health Care:

Russian Health Care Week is a landmark event for all professionals working in the health care system, for all doctors and interested medical professionals. Here you can find all the technologies, the new solutions that need to be introduced in the health care system in the near future. Such events are essential. They create a platform for exchange, launch educational programmes, and encourage doctors to learn something new. It is no coincidence that the Young Medicine Forum takes place on this platform, paving the way for innovative developments for young doctors.

Vsevolod Tkachuk, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine at Moscow State University and Director of the Institute of Rheumatology at Moscow State University:

- This is a beautiful venue for scientific events. Today I was invited to speak at the Young Medicine Forum. I am glad that science is coming here. I'll be aware of it. I will tell my students. Maybe it will also attract them to some other events held by EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds.

Boris Polyaev, Chief Specialist in Sports Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health Care, President of the Russian Association for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Ill and Disabled Persons:

I am very pleased that the SportMed 2021 was launched today in a festive atmosphere in a face-to-face format. This is a big event in the life of sports medicine. The opening and work of this forum is attended by heads of federal bodies, the Ministry of Sport, the Ministry of Health Care, the Head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, the Aide to the President of Russia. All this attests to the fact that this is an event of a federal level. The programme is very intense. We will sum up the results of the year and outline plans for the future. Thanks to EXPOCENTRE AO.

Natalia Machula, Head of the Centre for Spa Business Organisations under the Russian Ministry of Health Care:

- It is very nice that global issues are being discussed here. We have heard reports on spa treatment. We see that in the context of post-Covid rehabilitation and in the context of the development of health resorts, this is a global problem. It is particularly encouraging that children's balneology is now receiving attention.

Muslim Muslimov, Chairman of the Association of Healthcare Managers and the Business Russia Committee on Medical Services:

- Today, we touched on very important issues that related to the concept of interaction between young professionals in the medical field. In fact, we discussed the mentoring scheme. In a short time, we managed to combine presentations by specialists from the pharmaceutical industry and health resort treatment. In addition, we also heard about the developments of the Research Institute of the Moscow City Health Department with international communication formats. This is a set of measures that are aimed at cooperation. All innovative technologies that exist in the world should be transmitted by our research institutes and public organisations. That is why mentor-mentee communication is the main key to the development of the country's human resource potential.

Mikhail Nikitin, Chief Out-of-State Specialist for Health Resort Treatment, the Russian Ministry of Health Care:

- Today we held an event of the commission on sanatorium treatment of the Russian Ministry of Health Care. It is a very important event for us, which establishes and regulates the legal and regulatory framework for health care. This is traditionally the fourth time we have met here during Russian Health Care Week in December, and we are very grateful to the management of EXPOCENTRE AO for such a professionally organised event.