07 / 05 / 2018

Inspection of clinics in Spain and innovative developments in Spanish medicine

From 22 till 26.04.2018 CEO of the company MedicaTour Ltd. Tatyana Sokolov was invited to Spain to get acquainted with the Spanish clinics and the possibilities of Spanish medicine. The trip, organized by the Spanish company ICEX, was very saturated - visits were organized to clinics in Benidorm, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

This year it is planned a very large number of participants from Spain at MedTravelExpo-2018 in Moscow in December - there will be a large collective stand.

Tatyana Sokolov tells:

"Spanish medicine is the seventh in the world according to WHO. The level of medicine was simply amazing - a modern approach to the treatment of various diseases, a lot of innovatives and everything is done for the convenience of customers.

The first day was a visit to the SHA clinic. It is a well-known clinic in the circle of our VIP clients. This is a clinic of preventive medicine. The well-known fact is that lifestyle, nutrition and genetics determine the state of our health and well-being. And the SHA method includes the most effective and time-tested methods of natural therapy, proper nutrition and the latest western innovations, especially in areas such as prevention, genetics and anti-aging.

A strong impression was after visiting modern and well-equipped HM hospitals in Madrid. An exclusive method for the treatment of multiple sclerosis has been developed there and is successfully used. There is a department that treats alcohol and drug addictions, a very strong oncology department, in particular, excellent results in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. I would like to specially note that patients here can take free participation in trials of new drugs for the treatment of various diseases.

The strongest clinic in Barcelona is Barnaclinic. It is a university clinic that treats the most difficult cases of various diseases and employs specialists with a world-wide reputation, resulting to fantastic results of curing patients. I was struck by the 21st century operating room - this is reallu amazing! There are no such operating rooms anywhere in the world! Video about this operating system we will definitely post on our YouTube channel.

We also visited the most famous ophthalmological clinic BARRAQUER. Complex ophthalmic surgeries are performed here. Even blind people can be implanted in the eye with a special chip, which, while wearing special glasses, enables blind people to see!

But the most impressive impression was left by the children's hospital Sant Joan de Deu for the treatment of children with various pathologies. There complicated operations are performed, after which children return to normal life. For example, an 11-year-old girl, who could not walk at all, was rescued from a hip sarcoma. Now she lives a full life and goes in for sports. Also muscle atrophy is successfully treated there, introducing a special chip into the brain. This allows the child to fully and for the rest of his life cope with this disease.

Our company MedicaTour Ltd. worked with Spain mainly in childbirth and IVF. After this trip, it was decided to start a more active cooperation in other areas of medicine."

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